Wise decisions

Wise decisions

Making the right choices for the right outcomes

On average, an executive makes 2,000 decisions a day, 50-100 of which are strategic and any of which could impact on their career and your organisation. In fact, poor decision-making costs international business and the global economy around £50 billion p.a.

Decision-making is one of the few disciplines hardly ever taught anywhere, yet what if the decisions of your organisation, its executives, managers and teams were better, faster, more creative and more reliable? How much time would be saved, costs reduced and profits increased? This module is based on the experience of senior executives in many of the world’s most complex and successful organisations.

This workshop has been designed by Dr Mike Waters. The leading figure in the field of Personal and Strategic Decision Making, his cutting edge work has led the 'Mail on Sunday' to name him the 'Decision Doctor'.

The programme draws on a range of established disciplines and fields of research at world-leading institutions such as MIT, Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge Universities and the experience of an extensive range of senior executives in many of the world's most complex and successful organisations.

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