Technical Experts

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The Challenge of moving from Technical Expert to Leader

For technical professionals, some of the most challenging development opportunities arise when they are given feedback like “you need to improve your impact or gravitas” or “you need to develop your leadership style” or when they are moving from being subject matter experts to assuming leadership positions. This is true across a broad range of technical areas, including engineering, information technology, research and development, operations, finance and accounting, supply chain, law, and medicine. As professionals move into leadership roles, their challenges largely arise from the fact that in their previous roles they put a strong emphasis on their own personal performance or their technical expertise. Now they need to deliver through others, change their behaviours and be strategic whilst often moving away from their passion and the things that got them to where they are today.

Performance Coaching International are experts in coaching and training Technical Experts to:

  • Transition into leadership roles
  • Develop their leadership style
  • Change behaviours forever
  • Enhance their impact or gravitas
  • Trust, empower and coach their teams
  • Develop self awareness, emotional intelligence and team results
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