Emerging Talent Programme

Emerging Talent Programme

Maximising the Future of your Business

If developing talented individuals within your business has been a major headache, then you will be relieved to know we have devised a market leading programme which will help you sleep easier at night.

Retaining and developing the future stars of your business can be a difficult process but the benefits of getting this right are enormous.

This has been created in partnership with several major clients and is delivered by coaches who have been there in the top 1% of large multi-national talent schemes. This allows for detailed understanding of the issues facing both the individual and the organisation.

We have combined the latest research with the benefits of 1:1 executive coaching and team coaching to provide a package for five to ten talented individuals to benefit from a three month intensive programme, which provides

  • Deep understanding of their talents
  • Greater identity and self-awareness
  • Leadership insights
  • Five year goal setting
  • Action Planning and feedback

The programme will provide the organisation with highly motivated individuals displaying increased understanding of their own career journey to senior positions.

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