Coaching for Performance

Leader as coach

Most leaders and managers get caught up in a tug of war of competing priorities, goals and short-term targets, yet coaching should never be seen as “another task to do”. Furthermore, organisations often just focus on coaching skills and forget about the relationship and the mindset. Yet properly optimising the performance of others will lead to changes in performance and behaviour.

This workshop puts coaching into context for leaders. Practical and business focused, Coaching for Performance gives leaders the tools to build on their current skills, and the knowledge and experience to coach individuals and teams to achieve successful organisational and cultural change.

The Playing Field

Have you ever wondered why so many organisations want to develop a coaching culture but never quite get there?

Have you heard of organisations that send their leaders and managers on a two-day coaching skills course but see only a small percentage developing it as a style?

Are you intrigued why some leaders seem to have all the skills but get indifferent results and either coach sporadically or find it hard and give up completely, whilst others coach easily and effortlessly?

How Does Our Programme Differ?

Coaching for performances

Our starting and leverage point is completely different and therefore so are our results.

Imagine this: Most two day programmes encourage leaders to develop a coaching questioning model, and introduce new behaviours and skills. This can be like sticking behaviours and skills on people that just don't fit. A bit like putting post-it notes on the outside of people - some stick some don't. Even if they do stick, they are still only going to stick on for a short period of time.

Our programme focuses on exploring the coaching mindset. First & continually, we develop the person who is going to be the leader and coach. The real coaching mindset will allow the person to take on and embed the behaviours and skills in a way that uniquely fits them.

Why Develop Coaching Skills?

The Leadership Challenge

The ability to coach has become an imperative business skill. Leaders need the flexibility and adaptability to change style and approach to meet the unique needs of a range of individuals and situations. Coaching is as much a philosophy as it is a set of skills. Developing a coaching style of leadership is as much about learning a new approach, as it is gaining a new skill, knowledge or technique.

As a leader you will want a fully motivated work force. Therefore our programme will focus not only on developing the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed to be a highly effective coach, but also the mindset and attitude needed to create the environment where others can self-motivate and achieve. This approach is designed to compliment the overall business objectives and will allow the coaching skills to cascade throughout the business, building capacity and sustainability.

Our programme is based on extensive research of over 15,000 leaders and coaches worldwide and has been developed by some of the UK's leading coaches and industry leaders with the aim of supporting the development of high performance coaching cultures. We work with organisations to put the appropriate structures, processes and systems in place. Following the programme roll out, as the coaching culture develops, the mindset, philosophy and skills is thus cascaded throughout the organisation. The leader has the flexibility of understanding how and why people respond differently and then the tools and techniques to coach the individual, as they want to be coached rather than the way the leader wants to coach - the real coaching mindset.

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