Training Programmes

Our programmes allow complete flexibility in terms of timings and duration. They are customised to suit your people, culture and business, depending on the organisational level, roles and capabilities, through a modular approach of eight sessions. Our one-day workshops can be combined and incorporated into your current programmes or run as standalones. They are also available in a 90-minute ‘bite size’ format.

At the end of all our programmes, we provide free 60 days’ e-mail and telephone support for the delegates.

Courageous Conversations

Courageous Conversations are those uncomfortable conversations that managers need to have with staff when they aren’t performing at the right level. Managers and leaders will be confident and more resilient in challenging situations, being able to communicate in a more open and honest way.

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Resilient Leadership

This module focuses on developing a leader’s own resilience, as well as resilience in their teams and resilience throughout the organisation.

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Technical Experts

The purpose of the Technical Expert programme is to provide technical experts with the necessary leadership skills to manage, enhance and coach a team

Technical Experts

Coaching for Performance

Practical and business focused Coaching for Performance gives leaders the tools to build on their current skills, and the knowledge and experience to coach individuals and teams.

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Emerging Talent

The programme will provide the organisation with highly motivated individuals displaying increased understanding of their own career journey to senior positions.

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Organisational Know-How

This programme takes a fresh approach by going to the heart of the matter, telling the truth and unblocking the path to organisational high performance and success.

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Stakeholder Management

This module develops high levels of skill around identifying, influencing and managing stakeholders by understanding their needs, perceptions and characters,

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Thriving in a Matrix

This programme aims to help the matrix deliver on its promises of being faster and more empowered.

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Wise Decisions

Decision-making is one of the few disciplines hardly ever taught anywhere. This workshop based on the experience of senior executives in many of the world’s most complex and successful organisations.

Wise decisions

Change Behaviours Forever

This workshop helps individuals understand the psychology of behavioural change, what motivates people to change and how to overcome possible barriers.

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