Research into Leadership and talent programmes

We understand what your leaders and management need

We listened to what businesses were saying

Performance Coaching International has coached and developed thousands of leaders in global organisations. We have witnessed just how much the changing business environment has affected their needs over the last few years – with dramatic changes in the past twelve months.

We wanted evidence to support our theories. Practical in approach as always, we listened to what the business leaders from some of the world’s leading organisations were saying. Then we took on board the thoughts of leading economists and futurists.

We also analysed established disciplines and research by world-leading institutions such as Harvard, London Business school, MIT, Insead, Ashridge, Cranfield and Henley as well as Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

We undertook extensive research

We delved deeper for conclusive proof. We undertook a combination of our own research and independent research on 9,000 people on leadership and talent programmes. We asked them what abilities were they were never taught that would be vital to success - for now and for the future.

Although priorities changed according to whether the response came from senior leaders or middle or front line managers, their areas of focus were consistent:

  • resilience and drive
  • making wise decisions
  • stakeholder management
  • overcoming conflict through clear conversations (Courageous Conversations)
  • organisational politics.

We developed programmes to ensure future success

Based on these insights and requirements, Performance Coaching International has developed a unique set of development programmes and workshops:

  • The Real Leadership Programme - where performance thrives
  • The Real Talent Programme - facing the future.

These are designed to equip managers and leaders with the abilities they currently lack but vitally need to learn to succeed in today’s changing, shifting and evolving business climates. By developing your leaders’ abilities, such as in becoming more resilient and making better decisions, your business will gain the essential agility and responsiveness it needs to shape the competitive landscape.

Our programmes allow complete flexibility in terms of timings and duration. They are customised to suit your people, culture and business, depending on the organisational level, roles and capabilities, through a modular approach of eight sessions. Our one-day workshops can be combined and incorporated into your current programmes or run as standalones. They are also available in a 90-minute ‘bite size’ format. At the end of all our programmes, we provide free 60 days’e-mail and telephone support for the delegates