Research on Coaching

The research was carried out to find out what individuals hope to gain from coaching. In response we have developed DART coaching that is completely different to any other coaching method available.

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Research into Leadership and talent programmes

Performance Coaching International has coached and developed thousands of leaders in global organisations. We also analysed established disciplines and research by world-leading institutions such as Harvard and London Business school

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Employee engagement research

Organisations ranked in the top quartile of employee engagement scores had earnings per share (EPS) growth of 2.6 times the rate of those who were below average. read the full research

Stakeholder Management - Why projects fail

This research investigates the importance of the people related factors within the wider body of learning as to why projects succeed or fail.

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The biggest failing of management

The biggest failing of management is the inability to coach their staff, according the most comprehensive analysis of 360 degree feedback ever done in the UK..

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