Team Coaching

Dynamic coaching for dynamic executive teams

Teams experience conflict and frustration because they fail to pool their talents and knowledge into a successful format. Your organisation may therefore be looking to implement culture change; create a world class team, build better team dynamics; create a clear vision, or need to understand each other’s strengths and solve complex problems together.

Dynamic coaching

Team Coaching uses our executive coaching approach in a team or cross functional group setting. We start with a thorough diagnostic phase by meeting team members individually to learn about their key issues, challenges and success indicators. We then design an approach concentrating on the highlighted needs in either a one-off session or over several days.

Utilising our executive coaching approach in a team or cross functional group setting, we have developed a range of Team Coaching & Development programmes.

We always begin with a careful diagnostic phase, where we meet team members on an individual basis to learn what are the key issues, challenges and success indicators.

From there we design a coaching approach, specifically focused on the highlighted needs, whether you:

  • Are looking to implement culture change, where the leaders drive the change themselves
  • Have a cross functional team working with a territorial or silo mentality?
  • Are looking to build better team dynamics
  • Are in a department or organisation suffering from dysfunctional relationships - affecting team performance
  • Do not have a clear vision, purpose or priorities
  • Need to discover and understand each others strengths, personalities, preferred working, thinking and learning styles
  • Are looking to solve complex problems together

Working with an executive coach in this group format, is a collective way of transforming and enhancing individual, team and organisational performance.

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