Professional development for the professional coach

This unique programme of group or one-to-one supervision is designed to offer a range of professional development and advanced practice opportunities for professional coaches within organisations.


Coaches offer clients transparency, confidentially and trust – yet rarely have this available to them in return. At Performance Coaching International, we believe that supervising any coach is essential. It evaluates, monitors and develops their coaching practice and ensures the on-going development of their skills and knowledge. Our supervision services addresses a range of coaching issues and maximise the potential for coaching success as well as the success of the organisation.

Do you have internal coaches working within your organisation?

If you want to ensure the development and the maintenance of high standards of coaching in your organisation, we believe that supervision of any coach is paramount. Coaches offer their clients transparency, confidentially and trust, but almost never have this outlet available to them in return. That is why providing coaching supervision in your organisation is so important.

The coaching supervision relationship is a formal learning process in which the coach engages with an experienced and trusted colleague in order to discuss, reflect upon, evaluate, monitor and develop their coaching practice.

Our supervision services - available as either 1-to-1 or group sessions - address issues particular to coaching, such as understanding of the nature of a client's expectations, clear contracting and setting of outcomes.

Supervision also means the coach is continually learning and maximises their potential to succeed in their role. It also ensures coaches are abiding by the professional code of Ethics and Conduct.

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