Courageous Conversations

Saying what needs to be said

Courageous Conversations are those uncomfortable conversations that managers need to have with staff when they aren’t performing at the right level. Extensive and expensive performance management systems can be useful, but the key to ensuring high performance from your employees is still missing. Yet 70% of managers are either unable or unwilling to have a Courageous Conversation. This module enables managers and leaders to become more confident in challenging situations. Through discussion and experiential working, we help them communicate openly and honestly.

This is why we have created 'Courageous Conversations', designed to tackle this incredibly important issue. It will equip your managers and leaders with:

  • the process behind preparing for tough & often uncomfortable conversations
  • the mindset required to successfully address the problem
  • the skills, the practical actions and behaviours needed

Managers and leaders will be confident and more resilient in challenging situations, being able to communicate in a more open and honest way, driving a high performance culture in your organisation.

Courageous Conversations has featured on BBC Radio 4 and Radio 5 Live.

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