360° Feedback & Psychometric Tools

360 Feedback & Psycometric tools

An extensive number of our Executive Coaches are qualified to British Psychological Society (BPS) Levels A and B in occupational testing. Allowing us to utilise a range of Psychometric tools and personality profiles. These include:

  • Myers Briggs
  • 16PF
  • Firo-B
  • Disc
  • Strengths Finder
  • Performance Coaching International - continuums insight tool

360° Feedback

Our programmes are in partnership with you and your organisation. We provide unprompted feedback, reporting and evaluation - a complete 'end to end' process.

We often use 360 degree feedback as part of our coaching programmes. The purpose for a 360 is to benchmark what stage the 'coachee' is currently at in their development, assessing them against clearly defined behaviours and competencies. These findings then form the basis of the coaching objectives and subsequent outcomes.

By repeating the 360 process at the end of the programme, the feedback can be used as a useful evaluation tool to measure the success of the intervention.

The benefits of 360 are being realised by more and more Leaders in organisations as they seek ways to improve not only their performance but also their whole work experience.

Greater awareness of the impact of their behaviour provides them with choices that can really make a difference.

As part of a coaching programme, we can provide a comprehensive, fully customised design and delivery service. This includes:

  • designing the 360 survey from client brief
  • distribution and collection of questionnaires
  • processing data and report production
  • ensuring total confidentiality
  • Providing internet/intranet/electronic and paper media methods of reporting
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