Coaching Programmes

Our coaching programmes increase employee engagement and improve business results

Working with you

The following tailored and highly acclaimed programmes combine tried and tested approaches with new, innovative techniques to fast-track change, performance and productivity. Our programmes are delivered through the very highest standards of coaching expertise and accredited by The Association for Coaching.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a bespoke, high calibre programme aimed at executives, middle managers and individuals of high potential who are facing significant on-going changes or challenges at work.

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DART Coaching

DART is completely different to any other coaching method available, responding directly to the current economic and business landscape.

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Team Coaching

Utilising our executive coaching approach in a team or cross functional group setting, we have developed a range of Team coaching & development programmes.

Team Coaching

Technical Experts

The purpose of the Technical Expert programme is to provide technical experts with the necessary leadership skills to manage, enhance and coach a team

Technical Experts

Coaching for Performance

Practical and business focused coaching for Performance gives leaders the tools to build on their current skills, and the knowledge and experience to coach individuals and teams.

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Courageous Conversations

Courageous Conversations are those uncomfortable conversations that managers need to have with staff when they aren’t performing at the right level. This module enables managers and leaders to become more confident in challenging situations.

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Multi Coaching

Multi-Coaching is our premium programme which takes place over 6 months. It carries all the benefits of Executive Coaching with the added dynamic of learning on a one-on-one basis.

Multi Coaching


This unique programme of group or one-to-one supervision is designed to offer a range of professional development and advanced practice opportunities for professional coaches within organisations.


360 Feedback

The purpose for a 360 is to benchmark what stage the 'coachee' is currently at in their development, assessing them against clearly defined behaviours and competencies.

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Transition Coaching

Transition coaching supports senior managers on a short-term basis as they deal with the uncertainty of the situations they face.

Transition coaching

Employee Engagement

Our unique tools and processes enable managers and leaders to create a unique engagement culture and to release the full potential in every employee

Employee Engagement