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Is your business keeping ahead?

We live and work in a fast-changing world in which managers and leaders must become more flexible, agile and resilient than ever before. They must be equipped to make decisions fast – decisions that could have long lasting impact on their career as well as your strategy, operations and organisation. They also need to be able to manage multiple priorities, drive efficiency and improve productivity.

Today it takes more than just traditional coaching for businesses and organisations to compete and stay ahead.

Extensive research and expert insights

So what are the factors that guarantee success in a coaching relationship and therefore success in outcome? In collaboration with Brunel University, Performance Coaching International undertook a detailed research programme, collating data from over 15,000 executives worldwide, to find out.

We discovered that one in every three companies has no idea about what the objectives behind their executive coaching should be, or whether they were even matched to the right coach according to their needs. Our research identified these two factors as being critical to coaching success.

Unique in approach and style

These findings underpin our philosophy and approach at Performance Coaching International. As a result, we have developed a truly unique range of coaching programmes. Spearheaded by our outstanding D.A.R.T Coaching™, our programmes are designed to give organisations and executives the clear solutions they need to thrive in today’s economic environment.

Our starting point with any client is to ensure a perfect coaching fit by undertaking our ‘One Size Fits One’ coach matching process and contracting system. This ensures longer-lasting results that drive sustainable performance improvements and behavioural changes.

One size fits one

We take time to understand your business environment and challenges to match the right members of our team to your exact business needs and culture. Chemistry is essential to any coaching contract and each individual will meet two or three coaches to choose from and ensure compatibility.

All our coaches are profiled in terms of:

  • Organisational fit
  • Niche - coaching specialisms
  • Coaching style and approach
  • Experience and background

Lasting impact

At Performance Coaching International, we promise to make an immediate impact through employee engagement, behavioural changes and performance improvements, leading to a measurable difference through sustainable results continuing on into the long term.

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Our coaching programmes increase employee engagement and improve business results.

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