Our Philosophy

Our philosophy

We wanted to create a resource that reflected our values and philosophy of sharing our knowledge to support learning and development. PCI was created and developed because we are passionate about the development of individuals and organisations. Our passion and enthusiasm means that we are constantly learning and challenging our own thinking and we are committed to sharing our knowledge, skills and experience with you as you embark on your own journey of discovery!

We have included articles and information that have been written and developed by our coaches and associates as well as hints and tips on how to choose the most appropriate development to meet your needs.

At PCI we believe in the limitless ability of people to develop, that we're all discovering what we really want, and that we can get what we want faster and more easily by having a coach who can help us. Coaching is a powerful way to develop managers and leaders in the fundamental competencies that create high performance. PCI has experience working with a broad variety of organisations from large corporations in the public and private sectors.

The sharing of learning, knowledge and experience is a key principle for all assignments that are undertaken by PCI. We actively seek to avoid creating a process of dependency between client and consultancy, but instead seek to foster a collaborative learning partnership, where both parties can develop understanding and deepen awareness. Our learning interventions are based on a number of theoretical insights both from business and psychology, which enable people to explore new strategies for responding to the complex challenges they face.

We believe in sharing our intellectual capital, and value the opportunity to support the development of our partners in client organisations.