Performance Coaching International –
The Story

Performance Coaching International (PCI) started with a conversation. In 1995, two of us working in tough corporate roles asked each other when work would not 'feel like work' – concluding that it would be when we felt 'in flow', playing to our strengths and acting with authentic, resonant values, beliefs and behaviours.

That conviction ignited a relentless quest to excite – ourselves and those we work with – infusing all with pride and the courage to put conversations at the heart of everything we do. By 1997, there were four of us, focusing on real conversations which became the values to develop trust and build open, transparent relationships. Far from 'cosy chats', these incisive and fair challenges held clear lines of sight and ownership to delivering sustainable, resilient results and permanent changes in behaviour. Working across the UK and Europe, PCI grew to a core team of 12 and 5 international associates by 2005.

Valuing action and pushing clients to move quickly towards their aspirations rather than just discussing them, our coaches had 3 things in common:

  • They were multi-disciplined business leaders with as many warm personal success stories as they had 'battle scars' from tough environments;
  • They were qualified, psychological coaches sharing a common vision to build a 'go to' and world-leading coaching organisation;
  • They balanced innovation and a deft touch of modern best practice with action to produce lasting, practical results and behavioural change

By 2009, the team had expanded to become a global network of 35 coaches, accessing leadership and personal challenges from diverse clients. In response to dynamic and tough economic conditions, particularly amongst our clients, we developed training interventions such as Resilient Leadership and by 2011, PCI were known as global thought-leaders in Courageous Conversations – featuring on the BBC and becoming increasingly focused on trust, understanding and organisational pride, partly in response to the relentless challenge of global trade conditions.

By 2013, the company entered a further phase of expansion, offering a powerful, culturally-varied team of 35 coaches based in the UK with a further 57 across 38 worldwide locations. Our current rebranding reflects our relentless focus on innovation, global leadership, local market knowledge and subject matter expertise; the team have entered a new era of a global footprint with hubs clustered across our client focused regions. Our most recent strategic alliance with Triad has brought the rigour from the Harvard Business School into our coaching team, allowing us to integrate knowledge from arguably the world's most vibrant and pioneering business network into our proven, practical and highly accessible Courageous Conversations programme.

Performance Coaching International and its team have been changing behaviours forever since 1995 – not least that of its own people, through end-to-end learning, rich development experiences and challenging ourselves as much as our clients. The next phase of our development will continue to focus as much on the learning process itself as on the learning content, and we are seeing the most forward-thinking organisations preparing themselves – and their people – to make the most of that opportunity as 'green shoots' of optimism continue to emerge