Our Partners

We are proud to say our trusted partners, sister companies and long lasting friends are:

  • Invigor8

    Peter - our Employee engagement expert, an authentic and creative man who invigorates us on a daily basis.


  • Brightwave

    Charles has transformed our ability to deliver a truly blended learning experience. Enabling us to excite our clients, to engage our learners and make the sustainable, irreversible changes we strive for. Thank you Bridget for introducing us.


  • Triad

    Danielle introduced us to Sheila, she is in my opinion the world's leading expert in difficult conversations and negotiations. Through her work at Harvard she brings us the capability, capacity, rigour as well as the know how to work with global CEO's and leadership teams from the world's leading organisations.


  • Shine feedback

    Graham, the silver fox, guitar playing feedback specialist, helps us with our assessment and evaluation and gives us the evidence we need from employee surveys, research and 360s to show the differences we have made.


  • NLS

    Ben has developed our various web-sites, over many years and has seen and supported our business to grow, develop and expand to where we are today. Total commitment... he always goes the extra mile.


  • Lewisham Nexus

    They show us the importance of learning in people's lives and how different and similar we all are. They are our chosen charity. Mandy and the team are role models to us and are already, what we aspire to be.


  • Yo sushi

    Suresh and the gang, give us the food, the venue, the humour, the stories and the qualities that brighten our days and our events.


Thank you all.

Kevin McAlpin MD - Performance Coaching International