Case studies

Performance Coaching International has an enviable client list and we are proud of the diversity of the clients with whom we work. The following case studies show how our Coaching, Courageous Conversations and Resilience programmes have made a measurable difference and often lead to training awards and national recognition for our clients.

Some examples of our achievements include:

Major financial services organisation

A major financial services organisation’s programme of coaching from front line to senior management - leadership development showed a year on year increase in employee engagement, customer satisfaction and yielded double digit growth. The staff survey showed an incredible 90% engagement.

Healthcare provider

A healthcare provider needed to improve the quality of its leadership teams and create a culture of trust, empowerment, open communication and employee engagement. We implemented a cultural transformation based on coaching and developing leaders to have Courageous Conversations and managing performance, the results transformed organisational performance. Successes included 27% growth, reduced sickness & staff turnover and 3 new hospitals.

Government agency

A Government agency’s organisational change delivered through a tailored coaching programme achieved a £16m efficiency savings.

International multi site manufacturer

A large international multi site manufacturer developing a coaching/performance culture measured success through the employee survey and IIP achievement in addition to business results. 80% of staff reported understanding the business direction and there were very high levels of ‘performance alignment’ (world class results are around 60%). There was also an increase in the number of employees who reported ‘a greater belief that managers listened to them and acted on their feedback’, and an increase was also reported in the levels of ‘trust in managers’. Customer orders have increased dramatically over the last two years; the business is much more profitable and is set to grow over the next five years.

Global bank -

The processing division of a global bank with customer satisfaction low and a large backlog. Developing a coaching style of leadership through a coaching skills development achieved double digit increase in customer satisfaction and the outstanding case load reduced by over 50% over a 6 month period.

Redbridge over Troubled Water - from failure and distrust to Investors in People

PCI was called in to turn Redbridge Council's personnel department from one which executives called "inconsistent, inaccurate, untimely and not customer focused" into a high performance unit.

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From Crisis to National Recognition: PCI drives change at Transport for London

PCI turned around an ailing department of Transport for London (TfL) suffering from low morale, high staff turnover, which was on the verge of being disbanded.

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PCI helps get Lewisham Hospital NHS Trust out of intensive care

In 2000 Lewisham NHS Trust was a hospital in crisis. Its staff were divided, there was little or no communication between professionals and no inter-professional support. Training was ad hoc and employees were leaving at an alarming rate - often immediately after they finished their training.

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