About Us

Performance Coaching International was formed in 1995, with the ambition being to enhance the performance of senior individuals within corporate organisations. During the past eleven years, we have been at the forefront of the advances being made in the successful development of Executive Coaching methodology.

We have worked with a diverse range of leading private and public sector organisations. Our work ethic and drive for results has enabled us to develop a partnership approach which has been immensely valuable. Our Coaching team has expanded and the range of experience we now possess has allowed us to develop some of the most innovative coaching products within the UK and Europe.

Our story

Performance Coaching International (PCI) started with a conversation. In 1995, two of us working in tough corporate roles asked each other when work would not 'feel like work' – concluding that it would be when we felt 'in flow', playing to our strengths and acting with authentic, resonant values, beliefs and behaviours.

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Our partners

We are proud to say our trusted partners, sister companies and long lasting friends are: Invigor8; Brightwave; Triad; Shine feedback; NLS; Lewisham Nexus; Yo sushi

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Latest news

We are growing and in the process of rebranding - In 2013, Performance Coaching International has entered a further phase of expansion, offering a powerful, culturally-varied team of 35 coaches based in the UK with a further 57 across 38 worldwide locations

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The PCI team is made up of business-focused, well-respected coaches recruited by our rigorous selection process. Their performance is aligned to the ethical guidelines and their development is encouraged by continuous training and development activities.

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The sharing of learning, knowledge and experience is a key principle for all assignments that are undertaken by PCI.

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Our whole ethos on coaching is underpinned by the knowledge that what we do has a positive effect on people and organisations.

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At PCI, we believe that a successful business is not only based on figures and profits but also the ability to demonstrate a real commitment to your environmental and social responsibilities.

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How we work

Our practical and relevant programmes make a measurable difference to your bottom line, and a noticeable difference to the way your people work.

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We have won over 25 industry and training awards over the last 17 years, including 7 National Training Awards

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Case Studies

Performance Coaching International is especially effective at turning around failing departments and organisations and creating dynamic, successful teams through powerful coaching-based answers. To learn about how we achieve this, read our case studies.

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We are proud to work with companies from every industry helping you to improve your activity and achieve the best results for you.

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